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  • Gaia: Waia.
  • People: Waians, Water Warriors, Water People.
  • Language: Waian.
  • Element: Water in All Forms.
  • Elemental Resource: Ice Steel.
  • Races Ability: Highly Developed Lungs.


Not much is known about the lands of the far north, but stories of old, describe Wai as a harsh land of water, ice and snow. A land of short days and very long nights, Wai boasts the world's cleanest water, vast, endless waterways and a divine presence that can be seen in sky-lights of purple and green.



Living in Wai's thick, green forests, on its high, ice-capped mountains and in its deep inland sea, is a reclusive race of blonde hair, blue eyed people. The Water People are said to be giants among men and some believe that when they are not submerged in water for extended periods of time, they live in ice houses that are warmed by blue fires. Some say the Waians have complexions so pale and pure they are all but transparent, while others like to think that they can float on water. Old tales tell of an elite warrior race, who have been dormant for generations, sculpting unrivalled weapons of ice steel while they wait for their chance to fight.

Megan Futcher


Megan Futcher's Mini-Bio:

People and cultures have always fascinated me and I enjoy thumbing through heavy books on anthropology and archaeology. My novels and novellas dive into an unknown world before recorded history and I love asking the 'what if' question while I share online and write the 4 born, a fantasy spin on human evolution and freedom exploring strength and beauty of multiculturalism.


Wind and Fire Synopsis:

In a world where the four elements rule as gods, the Gaias of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth determine the existence and fate of every man and women. Threatening this seemingly perfect world is the Fourborn – a yet to be identified baby born of all four races and the only one who has the power to set mankind free from it's elemental shackles.


Divinely chosen in the pending chaos is a guardian from each race. With the words of an ancient prophesy as their only guide, they must find and protect the Four born at all costs or risk losing everything they hold dear.

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