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Wind and Fire

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Jump to Chapter? Date Published 7 Oct, 2015 Book Format Bookmeld eBook ISBN 978-0-9943526-1-3 Author Megan Futcher Description Kofi, an inexperienced warrior finds himself in a war without end. Fleeing the devastation, bloodshed and terror, he leaves his beloved homeland behind as he sets out on a journey with the promise of finding a cause that is worth fighting for. Lela, a child of the Wind and the Fire is determined to escape the life she was born into. Faced with a war of her own, she must find an inner balance if she is to claim the life she so desires.

The Wind and Fire is the first book released in the series and tells the story of two Fourborn Guardians, Kofi and Lela and how the prophecy of the waning moon gives them both direction in a world without freedom.



Kofi Magoro is an unlikely hero:

Second son to Gamba and Sade Magoro, Kofi has been called many things. The village boy, the over protective brother, the rebellious son, the hesitant warrior but nothing has suited him more than being the unlikely hero of his own making.

Brother to Ayo, Xola and Jomo, Kofi inherited his need for adventure from no one in his family. This doesn't stop him from pursuing his dreams, even though he has to work through his uncertainty and the lack of direction that frustrates him.

The open, jovial face in the crowd, Kofi makes friends easily and family takes on an important role in his life. An intelligent spiritualist he has strong ties to his homeland of Zjarri and to it's people and will stop at nothing to keep these ideals safe.

The sacred Fire of Zjarr is everything to Kofi. When he finds himself away from his element, Kofi armed with only his belief and inner strength is forced to kindle the Fire that lives within him on his own even if it means insurgency.

A practicing archer and amateur fire lighter, Kofi likes to start his days off early, rising in time to bask in the sun and all her wonders. He is a keen hunter, an elephant fruit addict and makes the ideal companion if you want to stick around for just one more cup of kava. 

As his story grows, Kofi assumes the role of leader of the Fourborn Guardians. Armed with a fierce determination and the Fire that burns inside of him, he will always find a way to continue to fight for what is right.



Lela Iboro Asar is an outcast princess:

The creation of a frowned upon love between Hakim Asar and Thema Kibibi Iboro, Lela was born a despised, motherless child. An only child she grew up with the elements of two very different worlds raging on inside of her.

Roaming the red dunes, Lela is taken in by the outcasts of Brissan society, but this doesn't stop her from fighting the link she has with the Wind. Outspoken, hot headed yet sensitive Lela stands against her father's people while her desperate need for acceptance drives her closer and closer towards Zjarr and the Fire.

In her mind being accepted by her mother's people means that she needs to abandon the Wind completely. Lela soon learns that this is not the case when Wind briefly dominates the Fire. Instead she learns that both elements have to live together in order for her to grow.

Witty, kind hearted and determined, Lela loathes camels and early mornings. A girl of impeccable night vision, unruly hair and a peculiar fashion sense using Brissan colourless glass and crystal bracelets - she is at her happiest next to a roaring camp fire out in the open plains of Zjarri, a cup of kava in hand while she shares stories and honey cakes. 

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Megan Futcher


Megan Futcher's Mini-Bio:

People and cultures have always fascinated me and I enjoy thumbing through heavy books on anthropology and archaeology. My novels and novellas dive into an unknown world before recorded history and I love asking the 'what if' question while I share online and write the 4 born, a fantasy spin on human evolution and freedom exploring strength and beauty of multiculturalism.


Wind and Fire Synopsis:

In a world where the four elements rule as gods, the Gaias of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth determine the existence and fate of every man and women. Threatening this seemingly perfect world is the Fourborn – a yet to be identified baby born of all four races and the only one who has the power to set mankind free from it's elemental shackles.


Divinely chosen in the pending chaos is a guardian from each race. With the words of an ancient prophesy as their only guide, they must find and protect the Four born at all costs or risk losing everything they hold dear.

The Call to War

Askari retained it’s order and structure and didn’t falter the moment my father declared war on the desert Clan, it had however been an impulsive decision that no one had been expecting.
It made everyone from the cooks and the tent-makers to my fellow archers question his motives.
If old Zjarrian stories could be relied upon, war between the Zjarrians and the Brissans had only happened once before, when my great grandfather walked these lands.
Since then we have held the enemy back, maintaining order and peace in our lands.This is not to say that there haven’t been clashes.
In the past a few of our scouts have come recklessly close to the enemy and have paid for this mistake with their lives.Our warriors mourn the fallen but strive to do better, determined to have the fallen live on in their memories.
They train harder, as a result and learn to be more observant and diligent, always ready for the next encounter with the desert savages.
Becoming a warrior is seen as an honour among my people but it’s a way of life that comes with risk.
Risk of injury and worse still, risk of death, so we accept loss on a small scale and move on with our cause.
This however was the first time since my great grandfather’s days that we would be going to war over something that would put every single Zjarrian in danger.
My father, the almighty Wakuu, ignored the questions and didn’t stop to consider the sound advice against war that his counsel provided.
He spoke over them and said that the ambush was completely unprovoked and that it took place on Zjarrian soil.
He went on to stress that I, his son, had almost died at the hands of those savages and that it would only be right to avenge the warriors who had lost their lives that day.
Their bravery would be in vain if we decided to stand back and watch as the Brissans killed our sons in cold blood and got away with it.
Above all else he said, we had to fight for the oasis.
It was rightfully ours and the time had come for us to reclaim it from the savages for once and for all.
These may have been sound reasons for war and they would have been just if my father had been any other man.
This war, in reality was the perfect opportunity for him to show his might and strength as Wakuu.
His ego had swelled and it was out of control and there was nothing that could stop him.
I lay on the grass mat under the marula tree for four nights and three days.
My arm was a mangled mess.
The jagged Brissan blade had torn the muscle apart but it gradually healed, along with my bruised windpipe and cracked ribs.
I began to grow restless on the third day.
I needed to get out there and assist with the preparations, even though I was against what this war stood for - my father’s ego.
Deep down I may have had the same motivation as he did but, in my mind, our incentives were completely different.
I was the one who had been out there in the desert that day.
I was there when Neoh and the other warriors had fallen.
Avenging them was all I could think about and lying in the shade wasn’t going to help me achieve anything.
Getting to my feet, I went in search of my troop and slotted silently in besides them as they trained.
I ignored the stares and the looks of concern as if nothing had happened.
By the end of the day my arm was aching as pain shot up and down it in sharp stabbing motions.
I sat down to rest before joining Ayo for dinner when Pilli came up to me.
She didn’t look me in the eye as she usually did, instead she stared at the white fabric that covered the wound on my arm.“I’m not good at this sort of thing but I’ve come to apologize for sending you out on that mission.
Had I known that it would end this way, I…” she shook her head.“We can’t change the mistakes we’ve made in the past, we can only make sure they aren’t repeated.” I said, getting to my feet.“You’re right Kofi, nevertheless, I’m glad you’re alive.
I need your skill and determination for what’s to come.
This war comes early on in your training and I don’t think that’s fair but I believe in Zjarr.
She will guide us for she is the only one who knows who will live to see another day or who will join the fallen in the Baobab Forest.”Pilli turned to leave but hesitated.
“It wasn’t your time to die with the others that day, so take it as a blessing from Zjarr and live, Kofi.”Many lives from both sides of the border had been lost that day out in the desert but one thing we hadn’t counted on was finding one of the enemy who was still alive out there in the dunes.
He had been brought back to Askari as a prisoner.
He was treated for his wounds and given food and water.
We needed him alive.
My father planned to send him back to his leader to warn him that we were coming in a great blaze of fire.
The day of the planned attack was two days from now and I busied myself with training, forcing the strength back into my arm.
Half of the warriors were being sent to fight.
The other half would remain behind ready to receive the injured and the dead.
Most importantly, they would remain behind as back-up should the Brissans gain the upper hand.
Ayo and I were selected as part of the first half.
We would fight.I trained harder than ever in those two days before the war and by the end of the second day I felt that I was ready for anything.
The night before the call to war, I didn’t sleep in my tent like I had every other night.
Pilli gathered us together and all twenty archers sat around a roaring fire, absorbing it’s strength while eating roasted gazelle.
Pilli sat staring at the fire as we chatted and laughed around her.
The orange light flickered on her face and her brown eyes were large with thought, her full lips set in a tight line.
What was she thinking? Pilli blinked as she flipped her thickly-braided hair over her shoulders; standing, she dusted off her hands, then held them up, calling for silence.
The breeze and the crackling fire were the only sounds that filled the air as she proceeded.
“Tonight I stand before twenty of my tribesmen and women.
Before twenty archers who are brave, confident and ready to face whatever tomorrow may bring.
Look around this fire and seek out the faces of your brothers and sisters.
Put your lives in their hands, trust them and we will feast once again under these stars.” She paused taking a thoughtful sip from her cup, the Fire burning fiercely in her eyes.
“Tomorrow we face the dunes and it’s people as a family.
Tomorrow, my archers, we fight as one.
The Fire of Zjarr burns in all of you.
Sleep easy tonight for tomorrow we start this war!”

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